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Christian Illusion Shows by Denial 3

Thomas Rudebeck's award-winning Denial 3 Christian illusionary ministry includes sleight of hand, comedy and large scale illusions that provide the opportunity for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be placed before the audience again and again.


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The "Stepping Out Of Darkness" Show
This illusion show is geared toward all ages. It contains a lot of Thomas' classic
gospel-oriented illusions as well as the large scale illusions. This presentation brings
the topic of light vs. darkness into perspective. This show will leave the audience
in absolute AWE! The combination of clean family entertainment and rock solid
gospel presentation makes for a successful event for the "churched or unchurched."

The "Don't Hold Your Breath" Show
This is a show that is designed more for your 14 and older crowd. It contains a lot of Thomas' classic gospel-oriented illusions, as well as the story of his near tragic death
in a water tank that eventually brought him into a relationship with Christ after years
of living a life of arrogance, self-reliance, and self-righteousness.The Clairvoyant illusion video

It sheds light on the fact that God has taken some of the worst sinners ever, such as the Apostle Paul, King David, and yes, EVEN US and has used them for His glory!


"The Prophecy" Christmas Show
The Denial 3 band performs music
from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

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Click to view some of Thomas Rudebeck's Christian illusions!

Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity illusion video
Metamorphosis illusion video
Spiked illusion video
The Clairvoyant
The Clairvoyant illusion video
It Snows
It Snows illusion video
A Mind of Its Own
A Mind of It's Own illusion video
Eternal Restoration
Eternal Restoration illusion video
The String of Life
The String of Life illusion video

Thomas Rudebeck is available for any ministry-oriented venue, either for a solo performance or as part of a festival, conference, or showcase. Christian illusion is always perfect for your special event!

Contact Denial 3 Productions at (314) 852-2511 or to arrange for the Denial 3 Christian Illusion show to perform at your venue!


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